My Quarantine Days, a poem by Namita Sudhakar Kamtekar at
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My Quarantine Days

My Quarantine Days

written by: Namita Sudhakar Kamtekar


During my Quarantine Days,
I found myself in many Ways.

Initially, it was too Hard,
But going out we can’t Afford.

Birds are free, Humans are Caged,
We cut down trees, To write our own Page.

This is the right time, To showcase our Creativity,
Instead of wasting time, indulge in some Activity.

We choose to stay locked Down,
Our lives have slowed Down.

We stay home safe and Quarantine,
Explain to ourselves everything will be Fine.

People around us are very Scared,
But the world has taken time to get Repaired.

Moons and stars wonder where have all people Gone,
Sun shines bright and says you are not alone.

Warriors fighting against Covid19 are at front Line,
Kindly co-operate and don’t cross your Line.

The world has locked so you can rediscover Yourself,
Let recollect some old memories by opening our Shelf.

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