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If You Were My Girl

written by: Cary Chrysler (skyinthegrass)



If you were my girl,
we could drive around the refuge,
go up to Stough. *

If you were my girl,
we could go up into the Warners, **
hunt wildflowers.

If you were my girl,
I'd kiss you every morning,
and cook dinner with you.

If you were my girl,
you could drive up here,
and we'd sit in the flax.

If you were my girl,
I would cherish and honor you,
all the days of your life.
If you were my girl.


 * Stough is a pretty little local reservoir/campground

 ** the Warners is a small mountain range

Cary Chrysler (skyinthegrass)

Cary Chrysler (skyinthegrass)

Just a man from northern California, living on a beautiful acre of high desert I call Goose Ridge.
Cary Chrysler (skyinthegrass)

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