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written by: Adrita Chatterji


Sometimes I happen to fall in love with myself.
With every detail that my body once scarred.
With each bend of my palms,
or the concentric lines running roughly all over my fingers.
I fall in love with the edge broken nails; Or the tanned wrist.
The numerous scars on my arm that a blade once kissed.
I happen to fall for the fatness in my muscles,
Or the double chin that necessarily hides my cheekbones.
The dirt scrubbed neck after a rough week's shower.
I happen to fall for the sharp tips of my short hair.
I dare not compare the past and the present me.
Because even if nobody does, I can surely see.
I can see myself outgrowing all the insecurities that once ruled me.
I can see myself breaking all the chains that once caged me.
I do fall for the bend of my overweight thighs.
Or the curve of my ever-growing waist size.
Sometimes I fall weak before my enormous weight, feeling insecure.
I try to fit in for it is the small talks that I fear.
My elegant bust is my prime pride,
It is not something I shall care to hide.
I tend to live a life without body shames,
But the society keeps on calling me names.
Thus I took a bold step to love myself
And dare to judge me only when you are perfect thyself!

Adrita Chatterji

Adrita Chatterji

I'm an aspiring poet trying to make it through the crowd. Recently my works have been published in an e-book and two e-magazines. An engineer in making by career, a poet by passion.
Adrita Chatterji

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