New Orleans #12 written by Grant Guy at

New Orleans #12

New Orleans #12

written by: Grant Guy


What is
What is
I ask what is

Sometimes it lifts us up
Sending us beyond beyond the stellar regions
Right Trane
Allows our human spirit unite with time & the ether
Allows us Allows our spirit to live standing up

Sometimes there are other times other times
It marches madder than hell down Main Street
It is impatient I tell you it is impatient
& it is angry yes CM
Welding the concrete to our blood
Welds us to life as is & could be
Urban folk music

It tells us we must continue on
To battle on with all we are worth
To battle on

Sometimes yes it takes up to the mountain
& sometimes
& sometimes

It says there is work to be done
Down here in the valley
Because it believes in the beauty of human creation

What is
What is
I ask what is jazz



My origins in art derive from theatre. Theatre is a story telling medium of the human condition. It may be hyper realism or absurd but it is of stories of the human experience. As my career moved from playwriting to prose and poetry I remain committed to the human experience.

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