No End, poetry by Smruti Ranjan Mohanty at
Javier Garcia

No End

No End

written by: Smruti Ranjan Mohanty


There is no end,
the end is only delusory,
what we call end,
is only a beginning.

No darkness,
darkness is only
the absence of light,
light sleeps inside the womb of darkness and manifests itself when darkness
realises its flimsiness.

No hatred, no jealousy
Only absence of love
No negative feelings and emotions
Only absence of positive thinking
No alienation, no depression
Only absence of a sense of belongingness
And lack of self-realisation

No hurdles at all,
only a lack of willpower.
No barriers, only challenge to confront life.
It’s significant, how we assess our potentials and ignore the obstacles which
come our way.

Unveil the veil
You will only find yourself
To your right you are.
To your left you are
You are in front and behind the back
You are everywhere
On earth In the sea and air

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