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A Rare Romance

A Rare Romance

written by: Smruti Ranjan Mohanty


Take back everything I have,
the colourful world, the galaxy of beauties,
the pompous life and glamorous gadgets.

But let me go back to that romantic era,
the era of the primitive savage
where a man was true to himself
and lead a life full and contented.

Take me back to the world of
Gods and Goddesses, ghosts and fairies,
I want to have a romance
with all that I believe

Let me have the mind of a child,
pure and unalloyed free from
pride and prejudice, hatred and jealousy,
I want to live and remain true to me.

Let me have the eyes to see the world
as it is, a touching heart to reciprocate,
and a beautiful mind to feel every bit of it

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