No More Tears, a poem by Andrea Myinga at
Mubarak Showole

No More Tears

No More Tears

written by: Andrea Myinga


Looking into the world, with
Its vastness isn’t enough to understand
Where it draws its energy to accommodate
Peace and pieces of each one of us

I look into homes, I see not families
But groups of people who happened
To know each other, before the world
Opened different doors for them

I have no tears anymore to cry
For that woman who never seems
To be a mother, she enjoys going
Out for seven days in a week

Being not loved properly is not a case
For children, as properties will love them more

Hate none, choose to gather enough energy
To forgive all those who closed doors
Before us, seeing life through the window
Is not a story to share with anyone

We cannot hate the road
And define Life as the journey, life is
Not enjoyed in a flight, we are not birds
Of the air, who eat what they haven’t sown

We should love the night to see stars

Today we stand up and toss
For the friends who just trusted us,
When we were nothing more than us

Sharing of their happiness
Is still the greatest thing which filled
Our emptiness, we are no longer empty
Noisy-tins but with much love to share

It is very surprising when our own
Nakedness is more shameful to us

There is no greater conqueror
Than the one who conquers himself,
And goes forth to conquer everything.

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