Nostalgia For The Sea, a poem written by Sabah Carrim at
Neelima Vijayan

Nostalgia For The Sea

Nostalgia For the Sea

written by: Sabah Carrim



“How deep?” I asked.
“Deeper than the height of our house,”
my brother said, simplifying it all,
both staring down at the ribbed surface
of blue, from the boat we stood on

I considered not only depth, but perimeter
transposing the four ends
of our house into this watery territory
understanding space
fear of the unknown

imagining how we’d drown
if the boat sank, suffered a wreck
drown to the bottom, helpless
weighed down by everything above
including the sky grown taller,
heavier, leaving us to drown
forcing water into our lungs

for at that time, barely did our heads
the lower end of the windowsill

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