Not an obsession at

Not an obsession

Not an obsession

written by: Alyssa Gwen



She’s a woman
who entrusts her shoes to speak for her

In search of a pair of good shoes
She’s a warrior
ready for her seasonal haul

When she finds a new dress
to match her beautiful shoes
She’s her own prince

If she puts on her new stilettos
The whole city is her runway

I’m not obsessed with shoes, she said
I was born to wear them



Every one has his or her obsession and it’s not a thing or sin to blame. My verse is a record of my non linear thoughts; inspired by everyday life.

Alyssa Gwen

Alyssa Gwen

No complicated or difficult vocabulary in my works, but the feelings are real.
Love fashion & luxury, great food, music, illustration art works and literature, can't get enough learning from life.
Alyssa Gwen

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