Nyx written by Nicole Cheng at Spillwords.com



written by: Nicole Cheng



They wear gold and pink,
I wear black and white.
They text to each other,
I read books under the light.
They have their own lunch table,
I sit in the corner all alone.
They go to clubs and house parties,
I stay by myself at home.
They laugh at a lot,
I cry with scars and marks.
They’re the cheerleaders,
I’m the nobody in the dark.
They sleep with boys and older men,
I sleep with my teddy bears.
They cheat on tests and steal,
I get A’s with honesty and care.
They get all the attention,
I get nothing but hate.
They get their love and affection,
I get their heartbreaks.
They can sing Pop and R&B,
They’re the supermodels,
They show their bodies on Instagram,
I listen to heavy death metal.
I watch bloody horror movies,
I write poetry about death,
I’m the vegan; they eat meat,
They smoke with crack and meth.
They shop at Gucci and Prada,
I go to Spencer’s and Hot Topic.
They eat candy and chocolate,
I eat fruits and carrot sticks.
I want to be a rock band’s lead singer,
They want to be in beauty pageants.
They want to go all the way with jocks,
I want to stay a virgin Miss Independent.
They’re the dumb ones,
I’m the serious Know-it-all.
I love and care for animals,
They push me til I fall.
I wear nerdy framed glasses,
They get to wear contact lenses.
They have puppy dogs in bows and bags,
I have purring cats and kittens.
They have blonde and brunette hair,
I have black hair with purple streaks.
They are pretty and peppy,
I’m weird and scary, but meek.
They know how to retaliate,
I’m a very sensitive coward.
They’d risk everything,
I’d be praying forward.
They know how to socialize,
I’m nothing but a wallflower;
They get together in a crowd,
I become the butterfly loner.
I’m just a good girl called Victim,
They’re the bad girls called Bitch,
They’re Aphrodite, Artemis and Athena;
And I’m just someone named Nyx.


While all the Goddesses are more known and popular, I am not.

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