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Ode To A Kurdish Child

Ode to a Kurdish Child

written by: Sue Gratton



Little child lying still
Among the lifeless corpses there
Your life is dead
Over with—
Too soon for me, who curious, stares;

And in shock,
Upon your picture here.
Who are you?
And how old?
Where, oh where can your mother be?
Can it be, she’s there with you,
Crushed beneath the bodies so?
And did you sisters and brothers have,
And do they share your grave?
Open, green and crowded—
Reminding me of a history—

Of a Holocaust I thought was dead—
Of an ugliness that died ago—
Of an anger I’ll never outgrow—

Of the endless tears
I’ve shed in secret;

The tears I shed for them—
I shed them now for you.



Inspired by a picture in Time magazine, January 16, 1989.

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