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Ode To Man

Ode To Man

written by: Thaddeus Hutyra



Even if the whole Earth was drowned in an ocean deluge
Even if the sky became monstrous boulder falling on you
And everything in and around you were a maze
You are a human, beyond all measure, invincible.

Even if I don’t know what pandemic hit your doorstep
Even if religious dogma cast treacherous net on you
And there was not a single philosopher calling for humanism
You, in your advocacy for freedom are as stubborn as ancient Atlas.

Nothing, nothing really, man, a present day modern Atlas
Can plunge you into ultimate collapse, one with lightless tunnel
You are a spark of the Lord, thunders of your soul in your spirit
There is no denying you your way of life, subjugating you.

For, man, you are gracious ode to your humanity
Overwhelming ode to life, happiness, joy, ode to humanism!


written by: Tadeusz Hutyra


Choćby cała Ziemia tonęła w oceanicznym potopie
Choćby niebo stało się głazem spadającym na ciebie
I wszystko co w tobie i dookoła ciebie labiryntem
Tyś człowiekiem, ponad wszelką miarę, niezwyciężonym.

Choćby nie wiem jaka pandemia zawitała w twoje progi
Choćby religijny dogmat zarzucił zdradziecką sieć na ciebie
I nie istniał już ani jeden filozof nawołujący do humanizmu
Tyś, w swoim orędownictwie do wolności jako uparty Atlas.

Nic, doprawdy nic, człowieku, Atlasie dnia dzisiejszego
Nie jest w stanie pogrążyć cię w ostatecznym upadku
Tyś, jako iskra Pana, w duchu twoim grzmoty twej duszy
Nie ma drogi zamkniętej dla ciebie, cię zniewalającej.

Albowiem, człowieku, tyś odą do swojego człowieczeństwa
Odą do życia, szczęścia, radości, odą do humanizmu!

Thaddeus Hutyra

Thaddeus Hutyra

Thaddeus Hutyra (known also as Tadeusz Hutyra) was born in Poland where he attended schools and begun to study at the prestigious Jagiellonian University of Cracow. Shortly before the emergency state announced by the communist regime on 13th of December 1981 he left Poland in search of a better life abroad. Primarily he intended to emigrate to the United States of America, the goal he was never fortunate to fulfill. Instead he found himself in New Zealand where he lived 5 years and afterwards he had a brief period of travelling across some Asian and European countries, he lived for a while in China and Hong Kong before finally settling down in Belgium. He is active on Facebook and in other social media. He published a number of books both in English and Polish.
Thaddeus Hutyra

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