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Ode To The Plastic Ocean

Ode To The Plastic Ocean

written by: Unna Chokkalingam


I am a manta ray
Forty years of swimming these bays
Now my diet has far more variety
Not just multi-coloured fish
But lots and lots of plastic.

I am a green sea turtle
Twenty years of floating along
Nibbling seaweed and singing my song
And now I look so fancy and gorgeous
With my new fishing rope accessories.

I am a clown fish
Yes, those stripy Nemos you see in the aquarium
Life in the ocean is not so boring anymore
Now I can swim and hang out
With my bobbing bottle and drinking straw friends.

I am a humpback whale
Fifty and still cruising the seas
Now, why is it that I feel so heavy and lethargic?
Could it be the heaps of plastic
Sloshing around inside of me?

I am a bottlenose dolphin
I am still young at heart
I love to leap and play
Through and around the plastic hoops and bags
Of my constantly-refitted ocean gym.

I am a young octopus
In the prime of my life looking for a new company
I have big googly eyes and look really cool
Especially now with my new clothing
Of baby diapers and plastic festoons.

I am a Homo sapiens
Fit and tanned and strong
I love to snorkel and dive in the oceans
And see the much-enhanced coral reefs
Teeming with luminous fish
And lots and lots of pretty plastic.

Unna Chokkalingam

Unna Chokkalingam

Dr. Unna Chokkalingam was born in South India in 1965. She wears several hats in pursuit of her numerous passions. She holds a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Chennai in India, a Master’s in Forestry from the University of Massachusetts in the USA, and a PhD in Forestry from the University of Maine in the USA. She is a senior forestry expert, researcher, project manager and scientific writer with over 25 years of experience in the forestry and natural resource field. She recently became accredited as a mediator with the London School of Mediation, and looks forward to exciting new challenges in conflict resolution while continuing to work as a freelance forestry consultant. Finally and most importantly, she is a budding creative writer and these are her first attempts to share some of her thoughts and writings.
Unna Chokkalingam

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