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Blank To Butterfly

written by: Sally S. Ali


Like a cotton bra
She held my heart
in the right place
Covering my soul from the fiery eyes

Bitter than vodka
Sweeter than wine
With a kiss
she heals
And heals and heals

I had something like a house
But it was just a place to live in
I had a language to talk
But it didn't express my urges
I had a lot of people
A lot of mates
But not truly humans
Now; Now I have her
And she is the home
To scream in by our own words
over the top of our chests

World of mustaches no more exists
Underneath her smile, I hid my joys
To release the madness
Control the clouds
and let the rain flow
Splitting the reality of us
from their horrible happiness

Sally S. Ali

Sally S. Ali

A poetess, A translator, A psychiatrist.
Sally S. Ali

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