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Zodiac Men

Zodiac Men

written by: Angel Edwards


The Goat Man

A man born in a year of the goat

A true gentleman
bewitching manners
a diehard romantic
sensitive and shy
attuned to your feelings
cultured refined
he will steal your heart
romantic gifts
He will impress you
he shows great taste
with expensive gifts
jewellery flowers
he is fond of books
he collects antiques

if you love a man born in a year of the goat
you will envision great romance

Goat Man


The Dragon Man

A Man born in a year of the dragon

He is bigger than life
mesmerizing blinding

He will dazzle with his brilliance
sweep you off your feet
hurl you into the stratosphere
of his creation

he may be famous
he will be fortunate
with a bit of gold dust
on his bejewelled heels

as a rule unreachable

Dragon man


The Tiger Man

a man born in a year of the tiger

When you go for a walk with him
you may end up
climbing a mountain
skipping under bridges
racing across a busy street

He may turn around
wondering why you
can’t keep up with him
He may even say
“then why did you
come with me
if you can’t keep up?”

The tiger man is not chivalrous
He does not condescend
Can be romantic
if he is your lover
And he is a fairly loyal friend

The tiger man has no time for the faint hearted

the tiger man is fascinating dynamic
An actor
performing the romantic

Tiger man offering a tiger lily
Attached to a stick

Tiger Man


The Horse Man

A man born in the year of the horse

his sense of style may be intimidating
he is elegant
stylish extravagant
obsessed with fashion
opinionated as to even
what you should wear

He is a gambler
he is lucky

freedom and independence
so important to a man born in the year of a horse

owns a great sense of humour and a positive outlook on life

Horse Man


The Rooster Man

a man born in a year of the rooster

He is like the song
“The Little Red Rooster”


entirely unable
to resist
the urge to brag
to boast to crow
to insist
he knows all
there is to know

gregarious collector
Fond of harems
fond of crowds
sees spirits
courts spectres

be loved by a little red rooster
there’s not much grander

Rooster Man


The Pig Man

A man born in a year of the pig

He is polite diplomatic
an expert at politesse
he is a humanitarian
he speaks with finesse

He is a poet
a painter of thoughts
He loves ideas
he loses himself
In the concept of ideas
A pig man loves theories

He has many good friends because he is so unselfish

He is an accomplished chef
He adores serving his loved ones

Pig Man


The Monkey Man

A man born in the year of a monkey
He’s the entertainer
He’s the music man
the monkey Man

He will take
everything that you have
you will gladly give him
everything that you have
Just for his smile
Just for his attention

He will tease you
into believing that
you are his one and only

For the time being
he will love you

he may break your heart
if you expect
something more

Monkey Man


The Wolf Man

A man born in a year of the dog

He is a wolf
He is loyal
He can be overprotective

He is a singer
He likes to emote
he likes to speak
he likes to howl

He is a lone wolf
Happiest in small company

He is true
He will never desert you
He will never deceive you

a wolf man will speak his mind

he will share his truth

Wolf Man


The Snake Man

A man born in a year of the snake

He is sleek

highly intuitive
A bit of an introvert
with an extravert soul

he is captivating
he lights up a room
he fills up a room

attention demanding

gifted with the art of dancing

an attentive lover
he will not likely play the field
once he has found love

Snake Man


The Rat Man

A man born in the year of the rat

He is gregarious
Likes to be
surrounded by people friends

He likes parties
he likes to entertain

He likes to give speeches he has a beautiful speaking voice

he will sacrifice
everything for his family

warm affectionate imaginative lover

just a little bit insecure

Rat Man


The Ox Man

He is chivalrous
he will throw his coat
over a puddle
to protect
your delicate feet

he brings you flowers
showers you
with devotion

he has a menagerie
he loves animals

he brings you lingerie
expensive perfume
fine wine in vintage bottles

the ox may be
a bit too serious
he has a heart of gold

Ox Man


The Hare Man

A man born in a year of the rabbit

He holds mysteries
ancient histories

he is a dreamer
a seeker

an elegant dresser

shyness cloaks
strong self-assuredness



Hare Man

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