Hens & Chickens, poetry by Jordan Trethewey at Spillwords.com
Scott Webb

Hens & Chickens

Hens & Chickens

written by: Jordan Trethewey



Grandmother liked modest growth,
no show-off annual beauties,
encouraged perennial modesty
in the sand and gravel garden

beside the house and oil tank—
the natural arrangement
depended upon independence
bordering on neglect.

Hens are inconspicuous and rugged,
know the rooster will eventually fly
the coop to spread his seed,
leave a large brood in departure.

Be frugal, reserve intake of necessities.
Relish the baking sun and downpour.
Don’t ask for more than you are given.
No shame in being succulent

without the finery of fragrant flowers.
We reflect a harmony of robust symmetry.
Compact concentric patterns reveal
a repetitive hardiness — try and try,

return over and over again
until hooked rug ground cover complete.
Leave others to marvel at
painstaking patience required to plod

ahead until brilliance is revealed.
Asked how your wonder went unnoticed,
admit it required stealth and shadow —
that fertile gazes be directed elsewhere.

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