Never To Dream Nomore, a poem by Jessica Moore at

Never To Dream Nomore

Never To Dream Nomore

written by: Jessica Moore


She’s lost, cold and starving, running on empty, roaming for a place to call home,
Searching around every turn, expecting to find what’ll end her being all alone.

With every expectation comes another hope that’s lost within the darkness, blown away,
Her hope in finding her way, feeling warmth and finding love to fill her heart to stay.

She finds her hope is but yet a dream, closing her eyes and drift away just to feel
What she finds with eyes wide open, are broken dreams and shattered truths too real.

Ages passed, imagine her so in love, a heart so warm and true, together forever be,
Clocks speed forward, love slowly dying, darkness setting in, regrets cast into the sea.

Loves of yesterday are but a ghost of how it used to be, her dreams of love are but a demon, stealing her dreams away,
Her hope is a noose around her neck, faith gone cold, too much darkness she’s seen, there’s no more light to fill her day.

There’s someone for everyone, plenty of fish in the sea, just be patient, is what she was told.
She kept the faith, the journey taken just to keep finding herself without a hand to hold.

Patience only drug her through the briars, in the mud, around the bend, and over the rocks slipping, holding on to the edge,
By faith she knew she’d climb up, but there’d be no one waiting on her, extending down their hand, from on top of that ledge

She barely climbs up, it’s so dark, no hand to hold, lost, alone, the truth is bitter cold down to the core,
Her eyes wide opened, as she looks around, wishing she could dream, her faith won’t let her dream nomore.



I hope someone who reads this will do so and not feel alone in his or her quest for love. It happens when we least expect it. Remember a boiling pot of water doesn’t ever seem to boil. So be patient.

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