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Of Strays And Newborn Stars

written by: Mohamed Ait Ali


Our shameful abhorrence
of stray things, ideas and living creatures,
flows flawlessly
from our vulnerability
originated from our endeavours
to penetrate and look beyond
the norms and the fashionable standards.
How far can you see?
And after all,
what is the right course sir?
Strays transcend our limits,
they break that overly cherished bond
of belongingness,
A certain momism
towards things and ideas up to date,
condemned to perish anyway.
Destruct, blow to pieces,
shatter and rupture
What is common and fashionable!
Bring to light new values,
newborn stars whose light
will travel seemingly forever
to finally kiss softly our soil.

Mohamed Ait Ali

Mohamed Ait Ali

I am a 26 years old cynic man, I earned some degrees in renewable energies and energy efficiency but most importantly a poet: the sole thing that is capable of grounding me and to sleep off my sorrow. I survived a suicide attempt and learnt a lot about life, that is from my point of view mostly saddening and harsh.
Mohamed Ait Ali

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