On Sailing, a poem written by Mike Turner at Spillwords.com

On Sailing

On Sailing

written by: Mike Turner


One hand on tiller
One on the sheet
Rail down and buried
Water foams at my feet

South to bay’s entrance
Thence to the sea
On board my schooner
Where I’m meant to be

Sail towards Earth’s edges
Through night and day
Sun, Moon and bright stars
Guiding my way

Bound for the promise
Of tropical isles
Latitude, longitude
Nautical miles

Whence drop the anchor
Where I shall rest
On white sand beaches
The swaying palms’ guest

One day’s a lifetime
Where seren’ty abides
Tomorrow drop mooring
And sail with the tides

Onward and onward
Till ‘tis all I’ve known
With the oceans my home

Until I make crossing
To God’s distant shore
Where I’ll find new horizons
To sail evermore

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