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Open Sea

written by: ParablesofLife


I promised you to sail upon the open sea

I’d do this for you, and for me.

I’d set my eyes upon new land

And feel my toes sink into its sand.

We’d be there together, one day

Even if that time seems far away.


Don’t lose faith in me

I promised to sail upon the open sea.

Our happiness lies on the horizon, love

Time is but an illusion for us.

We have trekked through hardships

Places that have made us heart-sick.


Your love and affection is what I crave

First and foremost, above all, I do say.

I see your loving smile in my memories

It is like the sun, in my mind’s treasuries.

It strengthens me to do what I promised

To you, my sweetheart, we will find solace.



I'm a newly self-published author of a modern fairytale called Evanescence. I've been reading and writing since I was a child. More than anything, I love getting lost in a good story.

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