Orange Amid Black on the Eve of November, poetry by Ivanka Fear at

Orange Amid Black on the Eve of November

Orange Amid Black on the Eve of November

written by: Ivanka Fear



The black night beckons.
I step gingerly onto the balcony
overlooking the dark gardens,
blood moon set high against
an indigo tarpaulin aglitter with gold
in the October midnight sky.

Orange eyes keep guard.
I sense them in the pitch below the steps
tilting their marigold heads,
bronze mums straining upward from
an amber quilt aglow in the sooty bed
of autumn’s ebony earth.

Copper orbs take flight.
I retreat from the wrought iron railing
crunching carnelian leaves,
onyx branches swaying their
russet foliage ablaze in the phantom mist
of a crisp inky atmosphere.

Obsidian pounces.
I scream as marmalade surrounds me
rubbing sable about my legs,
burnt umbre shadows engulf
my auburn-haired silhouette luminescent
in ochre flames of jack-o-lanterns.

Lit pumpkin shells grin.
I lose my footing over charcoal spooks
falling next to tangerine heads,
contusions on arms and legs
as nine sets of saffron eyes gleam against jet silk,
tails curling black around orange gourds.

Nine orange-eyed black kittens
looking for a home on the Eve of November.

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