My First Trip To Europe Was Yellow, poetry by Christine Leaf,

My First Trip To Europe Was Yellow

My First Trip to Europe Was Yellow

written by: Christine Leaf


My first trip to Europe was yellow.
Though I dove headfirst into its waters,
Caution rose me to the surface, gasping for air.
Germany to me a grey forest,
Where trees stood as cobblestone homes,
And needles underfoot had two wheels and a warning bell.
Balconies dripped new sounds onto me as I passed underneath,
Drenching my coat in foreign tongue, though I was not wet with it.
My first comfort was found in music,
When English words blanketed hazy pubs and pink evenings.
I drug my suitcase in search of city hues,
But still felt longing for nature’s orange.
A sunset in Berlin shared with me both.

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