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Our Immortal Hug

Our Immortal Hug

written by: Verity Mason


I carry your joy with me. We three had some laughs. Memories of the holidays shared in cottages by the sea. The twinkle in your eyes as we raised our glasses. Daddy’s little dance as he tried to learn the latest steps.

I welcome your heavenly embrace of reassurance every day. You gave me the gifts of unshakable optimism and tenacity.

I am honoured to be like you. I’m at ease on my earthly path knowing that one day we’ll celebrate eternity together. In missing you, I’ve grown strong, for none can stand in your place.

“I love you. Do I make you proud, mummy and daddy?”



I’m a fortunate child who had loving parents. I miss them terribly.
Written in honour of their memory.

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