Time That Is Gone, poetry written by Sharmila Mitra at Spillwords.com

Time That Is Gone

Time That Is Gone

written by: Sharmila Mitra

The music of the dance hall is no more.
All patrons have become too old to dance.
Our favourite taverns are old and sore;
The patterns on the floor are not just chance.

Old friends are no more singing in the rain;
The ups and downs of life have taken all
The dreaming, smiling fight against the pain–
Youth’s sweetness changed to something like the gall!

The dust of past days forms a curtain strong,
To lift which we no longer find the time.
We drift about, wondering what is wrong;
No penny for our memories, no dime!

Even the ashes of the halcyon days
Are gone to rest where the dusk is ablaze!

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