Love Challenged, prose by Tina Hudak at

Love Challenged

Love Challenged

written by: Tina Hudak


Some friends are not easy ones. Some friends push you out of your comfort zone and demand you to grow in places you would rather not; to face into parts of yourself, that you would avoid at all costs. But these friends are friends nonetheless and dear ones, I add.

You quietly listen to their angst and rants over and over, offering your unheeded advice for that is not what is called for. It is listening. The nod of the head in acknowledgment of their suffering. You struggle not to roll your eyes as they repeat for the hundredth time about this unfairness or that offense is taken. But roll them you do not. And, at the end of a hard day with these uneasy and well-loved friends of decades, you wander home exhausted knowing that you would do anything for these persons in your life. Knowing that at the end of the day love makes no sense. For you too are not an easy friend, and you too are so loved by them in return.

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