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Our Worlds

written by: Solomon Bukenya


Two parallel worlds, Our worlds
In my world I dream,
I see stars and write to the moon.
I sing songs in the middle of the night and name the galaxies.
In my world your eyes see thorns in me,
Thorns the making of the Forces that be.
Shrouded by the thorns, an entity awaits
To warm every inch of your soul.
In my world, I wish you well
Yet in your world, I am the phoenix.
In my world I choose you
And in your world, you choose everyone else.

Solomon Bukenya

Solomon Bukenya

I am an aspiring writer and blogger. I basically explore human emotion and try to express that in form of poems or dimply short text. Born and raised in a remote village in Uganda, I grew up and was educated in one of the best schools there. I moved to Belgium in mid 2018. That's when I started to write. It all started because of the language barrier. I had no one to talk to, no one to understand me so I turned to literature to explore my inner self. To talk to myself. My love for poetry deepened on the sudden realisation that came from childhood, I had always been rejected. The sadder I became because of that realisation, the more I wrote. Today writing is my remedy for depression and my source of refuge.
Solomon Bukenya

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