Out of the Ashes


by J.M.G

To rise, you need to fall. When you fall, it takes humbling moments to put into perspective what's truly important in this short, mysterious, yet amazing journey we call life.

Then, through breakdown, you regain your vision and learn how to walk again, one humble step at a time, enjoying and appreciating all the things that have remained true throughout. All of a sudden notice you have regained the strength to move the muscles that allow a frown, to turn into a smile. Each small moment becomes momentous. Its as if you're new to this world again. Slowly, your steps become purposely confident as you move towards that vision.

Passion becomes possible again, and then you realize; you've just picked yourself out of the ashes. Your goals are within reach. Like a phoenix, you are reborn.



Writing from the heart, from a mysterious place, set in this universe.

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