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written by: Julia Caroline Knowlton



Password must contain special characters
Ampersand/dollar sign/equal sign/dash
Password must contain at least one number
Eight eighteen/one eighteen/name of first pet
Midnight now dead/unlucky black cat
Password must be at least six characters
Daughters’ initials/heart heavy with
Love them so much it hurts
Birth month/blank January/not secure
Mother’s maiden name/she is old now
Yet still a girl on a farm
Have you forgotten your password?
Hands poised over keyboard staring into space
Name of Kindergarten teacher/no way
Childhood best friend/no relation now
Click here/Hit enter/is this your customized image?
How did this all happen/an email has been sent

Julia Caroline Knowlton

Julia Caroline Knowlton

Julia Caroline Knowlton PhD is Professor of French at Agnes Scott College in Atlanta. She is an MFA candidate in poetry & creative nonfiction at Antioch University in Los Angeles. She holds an American Academy of Poets College Prize, and is the author of the award-winning memoir _Body Story_ (2004). "Sorority Girl, 1984" is the second chapter of her new memoir.
Julia Caroline Knowlton

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