Slipping Into Another World, poem by Bhuwan Thapaliya at
Ayngaran Thiyagarajah

Slipping Into Another World

Slipping Into Another World

written by: Bhuwan Thapaliya



A fragrance of serenity
erupting from assorted flowers

in the wilderness of her smiles
moisturizes my emotions

and takes me far away,
very far away from a landscape

which has familiar elements
to a place where there is

no conflict between
human proportions

and the proportions
of the discarded

manmade objects.

The surge of her smiles
has transformed

my mind
in many ways.

I feel I am slipping
into another world.

A world
where the heart

of the democracy
isn’t cracked open,

and sun-dried.

A world
far away from

blaring horns
and choking fumes

of their
vociferous thoughts.

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