Persistency Matters, poem by George Koshy at
Matteo Paganelli

Persistency Matters

Persistency Matters

written by: George Koshy



Sometimes you don’t get noticed ‘coz you don’t stick out
At other times, it could just be ‘coz you ain’t like the others
What you do might be different from what others offer
Or at other times, it’s simply way too out of the ordinary for others to understand

It’s easier to ignore you than to acknowledge
And you ain’t in the mood to callout
As much as your impatience in drawing out of the regular shoutout
It’s just so painful to show-off

Well, life will still find its way to notice, acknowledge
And perhaps even lend value to your life’s dreams…
To that uniqueness that you call your own
To the dedication that has backed you on this sojourn

Patience, patience, patience is all that It calls out
Day in and day out…
Patience is all that it needs ‘coz the sweat, the effort, and the hard work
Has backed it all

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