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You Go

You Go…

written by: George Koshy



The World’s just not a fair place.
But then, whoever said it had to be fair
It’s you, in your innocence and sheer naivety
Kept hunting for some gravity
In every soul that crossed your fair path.
Touch ‘n go they say, touch ‘n go
That’s the fundamental truth of life.
Life touches…..You go
A person touches….You go
An experience touches…You go
You go….not deep into that moment
But on course….and with your Life
Taking those moments as they come
And carrying them with you as experiences
That teach you, that mold you…and even damage?!
Well….that’s when you step back and tell yourself,
Hey, what’s ever been constructed until you
Break down the old!!
Well, that’s what life’s all about.. and You go
On and on… You go…
Discovering newer avenues
Conquering newer horizons
You never were ever in a box
So, ‘out of the box’ does not apply to you
You go way beyond where Ideas begin
To places and situations that only appear in people’s dreams
‘Coz that’s what life for you is meant to be
A fair and innocent place, where you decide where,
You Go….

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