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Time Recedes

Time Recedes

written by: LadyLily



Nudges of flurried air,
refined as a Swan’s glance.
Lilac Violas compete
for the next violet rays,
far beneath a misted moonstone sky
pale rods of plaited sunbeams
shade the river ochre -gold.

The crystal ball shakes dusts
of cinnamon and caramel,
a confectionary mirage of perfection.
Autumn applauds a golden handshake
as Summer slinks and trickles away.
A passage of bronze, gold…
gently opens, magic begins,
‘Everything you desire!’

The light of old folds,
the Moons blooms louder…
His brightness spills into blank morrow
as astral silk looms Autumnal quilt.
Short tick, long tock,
the Karmic conductor oversees
a sweetshop of cosmic concertos.

Rambled Rose of Lady Summer withers,
wilts, vanishing, a homebound ghost,
as though never was.
Hot red apples billow,
dissipate on spinning winds,
waltzing through a teal atmosphere.
Moonstone mirror glints,
constellations begin to chrome,
Sunset winks.

A copper cape still shrouds many a gem
in the Garden of Time.

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