WINTER STORM written by Mike Washburn at



written by: Mike Washburn


i now stand staring off into the distance which is slowing fading into the infinite grey of winter.

a winter i fear will never end.

as the world i know fades into darkness

I am slowly enveloped by the deafening sound of the silence that this winter brings.

a silence so loud you can hear the blood flow through your veins.

my mind blank and empty, i wander with no direction into the storm ahead.

The cold pierces my bones, the wind cutting through me like a knife.

my head down pushing through…

Suddenly the grey turns to white,

I raise my head and feel the warmth the light above.

After wandering aimlessly through the storm she created for what feels like a lifetime.

I have broke through and survived, no longer lost…

I am free.

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