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I Am The Over Thinker

written by: Geovanni Villafañe



Constantly Over Thinking Over
The Mishaps That Might Happen
But Haven't Yet
When I Think of How I Would Try The
Complete Opposite But Not Come
Up to Recommend
Or How Someone Might Misconstrue
What I Never Even Chose to Do
Having Arguments With Another in
A Conversation I Never Went Through
I'm Always in a State of the Over
Thinking Kinda Mind
Will She Like it When I Show Up on
Unexpected Time
Can I Transition Leaps and Bounds
In Decisions Not Decided
Sharing A Secret With That Special
Person but Didn't Confide In
The Over Thinker, That's a Significant
Part of Me
I'm Even Over Thinking This Very Writing Thing

Geovanni Villafañe

Geovanni Villafañe

I'm a poet, writer and lyricist. Sometimes my styles cross.
I speak my mind through my writing. But I don't fear speaking in words as well as my actions.
Geovanni Villafañe

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