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written by: Godfrey Holy


Morning comes to my window
Bearing a basket of virgin sunrise.
A new day elegantly wrapped
In dew and a concert of birdsong.

Yet I am still tangled in my bed
The grave in which I buried last
Night and many other nights b’fore
Her; a circus of forgotten dreams.

Too much of yesterday still lingers
Like smoke after the fire is gone.
Whispers of days spent with you
Still roam the halls in my mind

The world was alive when you lived
I heard her heartbeats and felt
Her breath, I saw her promising
Smile and smelt her presence.

Without your love as a lighthouse,
My heart is getting hard to navigate.
Without the tethers that held me,
I am prey to the wind and the tide

I should rise and draw the curtains
Let the light and the warmth of
Distant deities caress my face again
Give life to a daybreak unforetold.

When should I stop mourning you?

Godfrey Holy

Godfrey Holy

Godfrey Holy is a published author of several anthologies (In the Crosshairs, A promise of Doves among others). He has been a guest author in several other books. He resides close to Boston with his wife and three kids.
Godfrey Holy

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