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The Sandy King

written by: Mark Tulin



Come closer, don’t be afraid.
Analyze my sandy King.
Tell him what you think.
Tell him what it means.

It’s there for you, only you
to admire and to photograph.
Shower him, wealthy tourists
with silver and gold.

Admire his trunk that wraps around
his molded body, a diamond-studded cobra
for warmth and protection
on these cool coastal nights.

It’s a mother nursing its calf
that rose from the earth’s core.
Its sharp teeth cut through our lies
and the myths that we hold.

Don’t worry, don’t be afraid.
It’s not a monster; it won’t bite.
It only seeks the truth
from this beach of beggars’ delight.

Mark Tulin

Mark Tulin

Mark Tulin is a former Philadelphia Family Therapist who now resides in Santa Barbara, California. He writes poetry and fiction and is currently looking for a publisher for his humorous novella. His chapbook, Magical Yogis, was published by Prolific Press (2017). His stories are in smokebox, Page and Spine, Friday Flash Fiction, and many others. His website, Crow On The Wire.
Mark Tulin

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