The Covid Affair, a poem written by Caroline Gauld at

The Covid Affair

The Covid Affair

written by: Caroline Gauld


Message alert – incoming text.
A buzz vibrates right through me.
I’ve been pacing, anxiously waiting
For our cyber date tonight.

I tap the screen, the words scream:
‘You and I are over.
Delete my number, forget we met.’
I slump, numb, digitally dumped.

Comprehension hooks in my throat
Like a raw jagged, jealous hurt.
You said we’d make this work, go public
Just as soon as restrictions were lifted.

I’ve waited lonely as a forces sweetheart
For my hero to return.
You’ve buried my heart in a trench of mud
While safely protected in disposable gloves.

Ill-gotten love earns no gains.
And I accept my share of shame.
Three years your ‘bit on the side’ –
Then cast aside like an antibac wipe.

Keep your sanctimonious distance.
Hide your conscience behind your mask.
My love will remain locked down.

Caroline Gauld

Caroline Gauld

I recently joined a creative writing class at my local college and found an enjoyment in writing poetry. My tutor Marian Pallister a local author has been a wonderfully encouraging teacher. I live in Lochgilphead, Argyll on the West coast of Scotland, a beautiful part of the world where inspiration is easily found. I am part of a family of six and have a twin sister. My father was a shepherd, my mother a nurse. I enjoyed a fairly idyllic childhood. Life is being kind at present also as I am happily married, have a grown up and left home son. I have many things to be grateful for.
Caroline Gauld

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