Phantom Lovers of Belle Haven Mansion, poetry by Christina Ciufo at

Phantom Lovers of Belle Haven Mansion

Phantom Lovers of Belle Haven Mansion

written by: Christina Ciufo



Bell Haven Mansion is inauspicious,
and somberness. Flute notes, melancholy
and eerie, from the decrypted hallways
and across the mansion’s grounds,
echoing misfortune, yearning,
sorrow, and bereavement.

Moonlight on the grounds –
revealing a young woman,
despondent and nescient.

Her face, graceful and callow,
is lugubrious and pale, reflects
her heart, gelid and stolid,
appetency for her lost love.

Sapphire-charcoal eyes
as unsettling and bone-chilling
as a statue’s eyes, with melancholy tears
streaming, like the Mianus River.

She roams on the grounds, searching –
her voice, alluring and somberness,
like a mermaid in a lagoon,
singing for her sailor, laments for her lover.

The flute and her voice ceases –
a voice, bellowed, callous,
and impious, comes from the mansion’s
door saying, “A flute’s settled and sweet notes
and a graceful and beautiful voice, like an angel,
can fill the mansion with bliss and you, young lovers,
would be together here for all eternity. Come inside.”

The lovers dissipate,
while the grounds of Belle Haven Mansion
become inauspicious and silent in the dead of night.

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