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Picking Up The Pieces

written by: Curtis Raynard


Scattered are the pieces
Of my bleeding heart
Picking up the pieces
That you torn apart

Not knowing why it happened
Makes these feelings worse
Wondering why it happened
Gives me such a curse

Shattered in my thoughts
Your love is still there
Somewhere in my thoughts
I know that you still care

I wish you would answer
The reason why you left
But you will not answer
Because of your theft

You stole a piece of time
That never did exist
Lost in the hands of time
Somewhere in the midst

I thought our love was real
But you have proved me wrong
The feelings felt so real
But now the love is gone

Somewhere in the distant
I fill find every last piece
Further in the distant
The pain will finally cease

Picking up the pieces
Is life’s greatest role
Mending all the pieces
Helps to heal the soul

Every last piece is found
Including what you stole
For another I have found
To make my love feel whole

Curtis Raynard

Curtis Raynard

Hi, I’m from Canada. I started writing 4 months ago. The reason I started was to get my mind off work. I then started putting poems on Facebook and with all the likes, comments, and critics I kept writing. In 4 months I have just over 100 poems and 2 I call songs. I seem to have a passion for writing
Curtis Raynard

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