Pretty Apocalypse, a haiku by Robyn MacKinnon at

Pretty Apocalypse

Pretty Apocalypse

written by: Robyn MacKinnon



the apocalypse

It was hot but so pretty




Illustration Description: A horizontally oriented image split down the middle by a void of black and purple. From the center of this narrow void beam 2 white hot gamma rays to the left and right. The beams glow with an aura of yellow, orange, and pink into the speckled blue-green of space.

Robyn MacKinnon

Robyn MacKinnon

I am mostly a visual artist, but I like to create "found poetry", specifically daily haiku made from the statuses of my Facebook friends. It was my Mom who started this, and officially passed the responsibility onto me when she became too busy.
Robyn MacKinnon

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