Prosper, poetry written by Aditi Anvita at
Tyler Lastovich



written by: Aditi Anvita


An escape from the dark world of past
A breathtaking way, but arduous to find
The chains of thoughts plummet
The serenity of a boundless mind
Beings are disinclined towards a rewind.

Who wishes to recall obscure faces,
Confined in the fleeting moment
Where the feelings manifest
An amiable approach, in vain, in torment
The periphery of the heart remains dormant.

Begin to ponder where it leads,
Just grounded in one’s perspective
A thousand flaws are in others,
Nobody knows how much it’s effective
Why don’t we grow self-reflective?

Towards a belief, we go where we wish
Reach at an instant, life in a novel flow
As we glorify our essence with wisdom
Our paths signify we suffer, heal and glow,
We attain euphoria in vantage, we show.

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