Pumpkins, poetry written by Paul Thwaites at Spillwords.com
Kelsie Cabeceiras



written by: Paul Thwaites


Faceless await their faces,
Anonymities of fields,
Bowl in the sun studded graveyards;
Heads, faceless,
Till plastic surgery awakes,
Lobotomised dreams,
Hollow brained,
Knife emptied,
The pith of flamed consciousness
Fresh with new spice.

Thus painted, they grin inanely,
Placed on the steps and the porches,
With live candlelight of eyes,
Lantern jawed,
Hanging the streets of witchery,
October last ~
This Halloween.

Strike up midnight,
White mice scamper down clocks,
In the cinders, barefoot,
Girl weeps for a shrunken carriage.
Cold pumpkins incline faces.
A cynical masquerade ~
Smoke, tallow, soot,
Tricked in the treated light,
That lives them,
Before smoky Fall.

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