Rain, a poem by Patricia Furstenberg at Spillwords.com
Thor Alvis



written by: Patricia Furstenberg



I touched the rain, it was all jewels
The rain that pattered from the sky
Down rainbows sliding, drop by drop,
I touched the rain and laughed, and laughed.

I kissed the rain, I tasted you
It landed softly on my lips,
I tasted rain, the summer’s heat,
And knew I’ll never taste again.

I held the rain in praying hands,
Cupped tears dropping from the sky,
As red as blood, and dry as leaves,
I drank the rain to keep thy open grave well dry.

I felt the rain, it iced my blood,
Frozen in snowflakes, heart of stone.
Gone childhood rainbows, gone summer love,
Without you here, I feel this blasted rain no more.

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