Reality Inside The WI-FI written by Stanley Wilkin at

Reality Inside The WI-FI

Reality Inside The WI-FI

written by: Stanley Wilkin



Recollections by the window
darkness at the door,
a spent cigarette,
a dried up memory bank-
a laptop lying purposefully in the grass.

in between the moment is the event

The wood is riven by foxes
whimpering with cloven paws
the newly accommodated beaver
rakes up a new home
the water vole scurries into the infested water

in between the moment is the event

reproduced in the computer
action and moment have ceased,
action and intent no longer connected
time and thought perpetually adjusted,
hollow rain signifies emptiness
a blank screen eternity.

after the moment is the event.

images succeed thought,
each self-referencing
embedded in past and present
the actions of the today become
those of tomorrow-
flesh crumbles into reiterated patterns
transferred through waves and wires.

before the moment is the event.

in the dust the computer lies
resuscitating our pasts and present
the flock of birds flies forever
the elephant, collapsing in the burning
Savannah, perpetually dies,
the warthog is forever torn apart by snarling lions.

between the moment is the event.

Time has no end until
our gaze is extinguished
and none will see and again record
the past and present
when moment and event are no more
entwined, death no more remembered,
processors no longer turned on, no
longer acquiescing to the imperfect rights
of possession.



What is real? Time and the image!

Stanley Wilkin

Stanley Wilkin

Stanley Wilkin is an academic and writer whose work can be seen on Google Scholar, Google Books, and Rearchgate.
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