2 Jackets, 2 Different Cities, poetry by Carrie Magness Radna at Spillwords.com

2 Jackets, 2 Different Cities

2 Jackets, 2 Different Cities

written by: Carrie Magness Radna



I packed my new puffy jacket,
the one I bought from Macy’s
Cyber Monday sale, half-off;
it bubbled in a curious loud purple color.

Magenta? Dark lilac? Raspberry?
(Yes, raspberry! Its berries are my favorites:
so succulent, so sweet, so tart…)

I didn’t even unpack it
until I returned home
and went out for sushi;
it only belongs in New York.

Mom gave me another jacket for Christmas:
causal, short, black with light grey
cozy cotton sweatshirt lining,
complete with a hood at the head,
& some Velcro straps at the wrists.

It was just like Mom’s
(hers was white).
Everyone else wore
the same jacket in Texas.

I see that jacket here too,
worn by everyone crossing Broadway.
She picked out a good one.

Every time I wear it,
I am connected to her.

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