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written by: Mitch Bensel




cookies with toys and family
with babies...
presents that crinkle
and make you smile
sweaters of warm
socks of comfy ...with a tickle of style

memories make it special for sure
old or new they gather around us
.. parties and dancing
we celebrate love...
through the birth of one

they say He was visited by kings
with presents and glory and a huge star
with bling...
.. no wonder we feel so wonderful
on that day...
for we have love
you see..and because of Jesus
.... it is here to stay...

Mitch Bensel

Mitch Bensel

Multi genre author, Time of Death ER book, spoken word cd's, Psychological thriller, On The Edge of Evil, Children's books.
Rock hound, grandparent, retired EMT
Mitch Bensel

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