Red Neck River Rat, a poem written by Rob Cooke at

Red Neck River Rat

Red Neck River Rat

written by: Rob Cooke


A self proclaimed river rat you said
rednecked and barefoot, nervously we met,
under the cypress trees, watching gators and boaters.
floating through the bayous of the mighty Amite.

You a singer with such a golden voice.
me a womanizing poet, I had no choice.
I took you on a walk with no shoes on our feet
I played you a love song by the mighty Amite.

When I leaned over to kiss you I suddenly knew
My womanizing days were over and finally through.
You had lips like an angel and they tasted so sweet.
We kissed and we kissed by the mighty Amite.

You took my hand and then led me inside
into your world, I could never hide
The passion exploded, as we turned on the heat
My heart now belongs to you and the mighty Amite.

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