My Mask, poetry written by Cathy y Wills at

My Mask

My Mask

written by: Julie Powell



If I were to complete my task then yes I would take off my mask

For behind it you would start to see the real and true me

But perhaps I’m not ready yet to let you see

You see being behind my mask, in a way sets me free

Allowing me to be just who I want to be

Hiding my feelings from the world and keeping them close to me

Not ready yet to show, or care enough to let anyone else see

My secrets kept close and safe with me…

But wait… a moment in time is just beginning to shine

For there standing right in front of me, our eyes locked in time

Is it my soul mate that I see…oh yes yes, it has to be

Has he finally found me and I him, we mustn’t hesitate, why would we wait

We fall in love on our very first date

It’s been so long but well worth the wait

Just being with you I become true… true to me, and true to you

I’m ready to reveal myself to the whole world too

I almost forgot about my mask and my uncompleted task…

Wearing my mask now would be a sin

As it would hide the love I feel for you from deep within

Mask it’s time to pop you in the bin

Task complete

Let love begin…

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