Relentless Love, poetry by Joseph M. Butler at

Relentless Love

Relentless Love

written by: Joseph M. Butler


My life was in shambles,
​my heart was broken in a thousand pieces.

I looked for love everywhere
​only to be unfulfilled and lost.

I was abused and neglected,
​never knowing acceptance or love.

I began to hear a voice.
​It was a distant cry.

It was like nothing I had ever heard before.
​I became intrigued by the voice.

I could not get away from it,
​everywhere I went it followed me.

I ran from it.
​But it ran after me.

I tried to hide from it.
​But it was a master of hide and seek.

I became so tired of fighting it
​that I finally had no energy to run.

As I stood still waiting for my punishment
​I discovered it wasn’t just a voice.

This voice was a person,
​It was the relentless love of God.

It was the person of Christ and his look was overcoming.

It was surpassing, relentless and overwhelming.

It changed me and gave me hope.

No matter how far I roam or what I do His love is relentless.

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