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written by: Norberto Franco Cisneros


She wept but it wasn’t just crying
It was the kind of weeping that makes you feel the heartfelt ache
the businessman could not stand the tears in her oval eyes
But he was late for a meeting and had no time to soothe her deep pain

She was a beautiful soul
But she lacked aplomb in her hippy outfit
She cried because she had read that three billion birds had died
She cared about animals going extinct and the planet dying

She could not abide the mounting casualties of animals and humans
Could not listen to the loud din of profit motive incentives designed to destroy the environment
She shocked admonishing members of Parliament to change the behavior of business
To help avoid our demise; business should be done differently

The necessity to earn money to live should be done away with
The environment is essential to all
People are important; they need a healthy political and green environment
But money can destroy and should not be more imperative

Out of the mental malaise and stifling curse of greed
money had become too important In the past and still prevailed
But that model is not working today
It’s time for a new paradigm

Community always works better when it comes together
Compassion cannot be had from corporations or even government
Benevolence should be the order of the day
Human values that cover the vastness of earth’s total environments

Hearing that the population was getting involved
The young girl stopped crying
With cooperation and working together, she thought,
We can work miracles

And it came to pass
The world did come together
But it took the young to bring the old to see the light
And comprehend the benevolent grace of caring

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